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Chiminea Firewood Lighter
This is the best smallest fire pit torch. I'd say this is the best chiminea lighter I have seen. Uses small 1 gallon LP tanks
Price: $49.99

Detailed Description

We sell different types of fire pit torches but what makes this torch unique is the flames blow upward. You lay the torch on it's side and the flames go up. Unlike other torches the flames blows out the front of the torch. Laying the torch down and the flames blowing up is a much better design for fire pits and chimineas.

"The Mini Fire Pit Torch"

The "Mini" Torch comes plug-n-play to the small (green) 1lb. camping propane cylinder. This "Mini" will do everything the "Original" and "Deluxe" will do and is completely portable. If there is a need for a fire of any kind in the outdoors the MINI will quickly do it. This propane fire starter works great for starting a fire in your fire pit, bon fire, BBQ pit, or smoker. Other uses include burning weeds, fields, brush piles, etc. It works well for cooking over which eliminates the need to have other appliances such as a portable gas stove. This device can also be used to cook over in your charcoal BBQ pit, simply slide it in the pit and start cooking.

​Please read instructions before use:

  • Remove from package and remove thread protector if equipped.
  • Ensure needle valve is in the closed position.
  • Screw fitting directly into your propane cylinder.
  • In a well ventilated area adjust gas flow very slowly to a minimal output before lighting.
  • Point burner holes away from body in an open area free from obstructions, combustibles, and persons then light the device with a long barbecue lighter at the closest hole to you. 
  • Once the device is lit, adjust the flame intensity to satisfy your needs.
For Outdoor Use Only!  
User assumes all risks arising out of the use of this product. User releases and holds harmless seller, Dancing Fire Inc., and it's owners, members, agents, employees, and manufacturer and Mathews Outdoor Products, LLC and it's owners, members, agents, employees, and manufacturer from any and all liability for damage to persons or property. This product can generate intense heat, use with extreme caution. Keep all body parts free and clear of area to be lit and any open flames. This product is for use by adults only- Keep away from children. Always use only the amount of fuel necessary to generate enough flames for the application of your choice. Keep propane tank and hose a safe distance from the fire at all times. Only use propane as the fuel source.
Never Leave Unattended When In Use!

t the flame intensity to satisfy your needs.
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