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ALL Round Fire Pit Spark Safety Screens The Deluxe and The Economy

We have TWO models of fire pit screens. The economy and the Deluxe models.
We will have nothing to do with the pivot models. One side rolls into the otherside. Dangerous!
We use the same high quality stainless steel mesh in all of our fire pit screens.

The economy model is a lower profile, light weight but still very heavy duty fire pit screen.
Usually about 7" to 10" in height.
This screen is priced to compete with the forgein junk but with American Craftsmanship.

We now have ALL of our one piece screens on sale!

Then there's The Deluxe Fire Pit Spark Safety Screen is a four piece screen that the doors nest together for cheaper shipping.
When assembled (2 minutes) it will have two doors that open out and up a little independently. The best on the market.
I've seen most all of the screens on google, in person, and our fire pit screens just aren't in the same league.
Would you pay retail for a faux Rolex when you can get the real deal - probably cheaper then the knock off?


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