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A Little About Dancing Fire Inc. We started selling chiminea along time ago. Long before anyone knew what a chiminea was. We started out driving to Mexico and picking up our stock. That was a blast. Back in the day a white boy could go into Mexico and make it back. Lol. Deep into Mexico and the factories far away from tourist was just awesome. Then we progressed into bringing in 52' containers straight from the factories in Tonala on a routine bases.

But during that time we were one of the first ecommerce sites retailing clay chimineas and successfully shipping the big clay pots without much damage. We've seen many web sites come and go. We are still shipping clay chimineas today. Not like in the day but we are still chugging along and I believe we are still successful because we hand pick our product. We know the styles and what's a great chiminea and what's a big box chiminea. Our styles are up to date but we retain the classic styles we started with years ago. This is the case where 10 percent of your product does 90 percent of your business. Some styles never get outdated.

But all fads move on and the trick is to second what's coming next. What's the next fad? Well history shows we went from clay Mexican chimineas to Chinese cast iron chimineas. We never really went to cast iron very much cause I thought they were too dangerous. We carried Arctic Product chimineas but we never really pushed them much. If a child accidentally touched a cast iron chiminea the potential damages wasn't worth it. At least a clay chiminea was a little more forgiving.

We went more into outdoor fire pits. This niche took off and everybody jumped on this fad quick. We went from not only getting product from China but from Turkey, and lots other foreign manufactures. Everyone wanted a piece of this pie. This when we started our own manufacturing faculty. We wanted to bring our ideas out instead of relying on China for retail. With our shop we now had the ability to play with new designs and ideas.

This is the fun part of the business. Taking a concept from a drawing on a napkin to manufacturing the product to packaging to shipping and then marketing. When you can take a concept and put it in a box and you get people willing to pay money for your concept is just a great gratifying experience. We started making tank head fire pits. One day I stol one of our fire pits for my own stash. I took that big boy home and set it up. The problem we encountered was the wind. We live in the country on a hill and it's always windy. We didn't really pay that much attention to the breezes until we fired up the fire pit and almost blackened a couple hundred acres.

So back to the shop. We needed a safety spark protector screen. We made one. I figure it cost me in time and money a good 5 grand. But we refined a manufacturing process that enabled us to manufacture onesy and twosy and a custom order process and still make money. This started over ten years ago and still going strong. We've have safety screens from coast to coast and numerous countries and some of the finest resort in the US. We've learned that just because it sounds good and looks good on paper that most of the time it just won't work in an application where you are putting a steel product over a fire pit that has a fire hotter then hell and then you leave said product outside to endure the wrath of mother nature. That's a brutal application and our screens endure because we use the finest material and we don't cut corners like not using stainless steel.

My is design knocked off but our craftsmanship and innovations can't be touched. Our thoughts are if you plan on staying in business and playing the game you better have the next niche figured out by the time others are knocking you off. We have a new concept in tank fire pits. We are the only manufacture the makes screens to fit tank fire pits. Tank fire pits are heavy duty solid steel fire pits made from pressure vessel tank ends. These fire pits have been around for awhile but you can't get a screen to fit.

What makes our tank fire pits a better mouse trap is we got our hands on some really hard profiles to come by and be affordable. These profiles offer some really neat designs that function very well as fire pits. It's not only the price that's attractive but you can take it with you, these aren't $5000 built in rock fire pits but every bit as awesome. They are portable. They are thousands cheaper. And because we bought our components in large quantifies are prices are fabulous. And because of ourextensive inventory we have ready available inventory but we canalso do custom work and configure a fire pit just the way you want it. Check out the "FIRE PIT" link on the right.

During this phase in our history we hds a different department that specialized in gas fire pits. Part of this task was installing gas fire pits in the Fort Worth / Dallas area. After numerous installs it came to our attention that the out of the box components just didn't work the way we wanted. Very high maintenance and a real laborious task doing any repairs. So we made our own Stainless Steel gas fire pit insert kits.We did many resorts all over everywhere and are kits are so flexible they fit everything and work flawlessly and any maintenance is a breeze using our pan system. We can ship a kit to any do-it-yourselfer and the install is a piece of cake.

We can make just about anything into a gas fire pit. Any pot, rock, table just about anything. Any wood burning pit can be transformed into a gas fire pit. We can make just about any type of fire feature you can design or we can help up design. We have a lot time on the job and we are innovative in the field. If you need any assistance please call.

So please browse around and if you have any questions please email or call 817-946.6200.

Jim Jarvis, President Dancing Fire Inc.

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