Solid Copper Firepit 36" pits, 30" pits, and 24" copper fire pits

 fire pit, pinion wood

Copper Fire Pits! Choose 36" or 30" or 24"

Copper Fire Pits!

These Copper Fire Pits are new from Good Directions. The copper is much heavier then the typical store bought copper pits. This means these fire pits should last 10 to 15 years more then the typical store bought copper fire pits. Copper has a special appeal for any backyard. As a fire pit it will age with beauty, the more you use it the better it ages. Are copper fire pits come with a heavy duty iron stand and a two piece clam shell spark arrester safety screen.

The copper firepit is quite an attractive piece for any patio but what sets ours apart is the safety screen. You have to have one. Our safety screen is a two piece unit that's pre-assembled. One piece opens into the other piece giving you access to the fire pit to add fire wood as needed without having to lift off the fire screen.

Our fire pit safety screen is taller then the regular out of the box copper fire pit. This is also important because if the safety screen is close to the fire the screen will burn up and you can't really burn a good fire. A short screen limits your burning capabilities.

So when your looking for a copper fire pit look at more then just the fire pit. look at the whole package. You need a good, attractive fire pit, a nicely designed heavy duty stand and a very well made safety screen. Anything less isn't a complete package. We offer the complete package. Due to the nature of the product the copper fire pits can not be returned.

Our Copper Fire Pit In Three Sizes
24" Copper Diameter Fire Bowl $347.99
30" Copper Diameter Fire Bowl $373.99
36" Copper Diameter Fire Bowl $399.99


Color: copper
Black Stand

36" diameter x 10" tall
30" diameter x 8" tall
24" diameter x 7" tall

40 lbs.
28 lbs.
21 lbs.


Bowl is constructed of durable copper.

Base is constructed of heavy duty cast iron.

Assembles and disassembles quickly and easily.

Includes spark arrester screen!

Keep your fire safely controlled.

Crack resistant and usable year-round.

All images are copy writed from Good Directions

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