An economical fire pit safety screen an replacement screen

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Economical with stainless steel mesh One piece custom made safety screen. Excellent replacement fire pit screens. Made in the USA not China

Fire Pit Screen

All Custom Made Products do not include free shipping.
We operate on a plus or minus 1/2" tolerances on outside diameter measurements.
We sell a tool seperately that helps lift the screen when it's hot. This will help when adding fire wood to the fire pit. Click here.

Any screen that are larger then 30" then call for a custom made screen with doors. 817.613.0029

We have two different styles of fire pit safety screens. This model is a one piece safety screen. It doesn't not have any doors to open and add wood but it's less expensive. It's an excellent choice to replace burned out screens that you may have gotten when you bought an out of the box fire pit. These fire pit safety screens are made of stainless steel mesh and 1/4 x 1" solid flat steel for the frame. These are very well made using the best materials for the money. We use stainless steel mesh because this is the weak link in fire pit screens. The screens don't burn out they rust out ad fall apart. Our screens don't do that therefore they should last many years.

These one piece screens start at $175 plus shipping. The issue here is the shipping. Most all screens the shipping is relatively cheap but with the larger screens FEDEX has what's called dimensional weight. If your screen is over 36" call for shipping prices. It gets to a point that if you buy a one piece screen and pay shipping that the cost could be to the point that you would be better off to get our deluxe four piece screen. Usually any screen under 36" is safe but if in doubt call us @ 817.613.0029

What size fire pit screen do you need?
If this is a replacement screen measure the outside diameter of your old screen and order that size. If you are putting this on a built in firepit measure the inside of your fire pit and add 4".

Please Note We Do Not Warranty the Paint.

We suggest that when you order then screen ask for an extra can of special heat resistant paint $20 extra. This is a steel product that your putting into a fire. It will, not if, need touching up. It may also get a few scratches during shipping.

Price: $1.00
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