The Abrams Tank 48" Fire Pit and Safety Screen! The Best Fire Pit on the Market! 100 Percent USA TEXAN Made!

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The 48" Abrams Tank Fire Pit

Tank Fire Pits and Screens

Due to the nature of this product and the different options please call 817-613-0029 for pricing and ordering.

48" Model " Abram's Tank" Heavy Duty at 325 pounds
36" Model "Sherman Tank" Heavy Duty at 275 pounds
Optional Grate

We designed and build the tank fire pits ourselves in our factories. One hundred percent USA made. After many years in the out door fireplace business and being end users ourselves designed what we believe is the safest, best built, user friendly fire pit on the market.

Not all fire pits are created equal. There are numerous factors to consider when buying a fire pit. Just because you see a cool looking firepit in a store doesn't mean it's a good user friendly, safe fire pit. And after you use it how's it going to look?

Let's start with safety.

All fire pits should have a safety spark screen. A good well built screen that will stand the abuse of a fire.
Our tank fire pits have safety screens the we manufacture ourselves in Texas. The screen material is stainless steel. The frame is two pieces of flat stock steel mig welded.
The Hinges are rebuilt using brass rods so they won't rust with age. The screen is made into four quarters.
Two quarters are fixed and the other two quarters are doors that open out for easy access and cleaning.
The tank fire pit and the screen are designed and built to work together. They are not add ons or after market fixes.

The Tank Fire Pit

Most fire pits can accommodate certain size firewood logs but is the fire pit large enough to burn regular size logs?
This is important because if it can't you'll have to get smaller logs (spend more money) or cut them yourself.
If you buy a fire pit that has a good size burning area you can burn any firewood with no re-cutting.
It's important to get a good size fire pit so your not overwhelming the pit with too much firewood but you still have a good fire.

Is the fire pit large enough to burn a fire for a period of time without having to clean out the ashes?
Our Tanks can burn all week end.

How many logs can it hold? A hole bunch. You can build a good comfortable fire in our tank fire pits.

The Tank Fire Pit Comes in Two Sizes

The 36" Sherman Tank Fire Pit

here for more details

The Sherman Tank is a 36" diameter fire pit and comes equipped with a
safety Screen and has optional attachments. Weight is about 275 pounds.

The 48" Abram Tank Fire Pit

The Abrams Tank Fire Pit is 48" in diameter and comes equipped with a
Safety Screen and has optional attachments. Weight is about 325 pounds.

Optional equipment available

Extra Turret- smaller(swing out grill)
The iraqi (THis is a high output turkey fryer that comes complete with everything you need) $175
Stoker tool

A Multi Tasking Fire Pit

What is shown here is a 48" model fire pit with a stainless steel fire pit safety screen and an
optional grill (Turret) stored underneath.
The poles have removable caps.
The holes are sleeves for accessories.
The grill that's stowed underneath can be removed and installed into the
poles and used as a huge grill that swings in and out.

The Tank Fire Pits Have different accessories.
A large swing out grill as shown in the picture. This grill should hold a lot of hamburgers.
It's about 30" in diameter.

Smaller grill (turret) that sits up higher then the large grill (turret) giving you two cooking surfaces.
This is great if your cooking burgers on the large grill (turret)and the buns on the higher grill (turret).
Or maybe just a place to keep a pot of coffee hot.

We have an Iraqi (A turkey Fryer) turkey fryer that fits in one sleeve and this makes
the safest turkey fryer on the market.
Safe and sturdy and it burns propane. Comes with everything you need.
Or you can get the Iraqi without the fryer unit and use your own.
It just fits into the Tank for maximum stability.

The Tank Fire Pit can be used as a fire pit or as a grill or as both.

But rest assured it'll be part of the family for many many years. .
If you have any questions Call 817-946-6463 ask for Jim and we'll discuss the options and prices!

Price: $1,099.99
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