We'll hand make a fire pit safety screen to fit any size and shape fire pit

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The Deluxe Custom Made Fire Pit Screens

Fire Pit Screen

All Custom Made Products do not include free shipping.

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Our fire pit screens are an excellent way to top off your beautiful fire pit.
Our fire pit screens are a piece of art that functions as a valuable safety tool for any fire pit.

We'll custom make any size or shape fire pit safety screen you may need but we also have in stock 3 standard sizes. A 19", 24", and a 30" model, to view these click here.
These screens are generally replacement screens for out of the box fire pits.
They are made overseas and are production manufactured.

All other sizes and shapes are custom hand made on a per order bases. You tell us the size and shape and we'll handcraft a fire pit screen just for your fire pit. Our fire pit screens are proudly american made. We have taken great efforts to insure that the fire pit screen is made to last many many years and we have taken the harsh environment into consideration.

The screen mesh is 304 stainless steel. The frame is made of 1/4" x 1" solid steel. The hinges that support the doors were rebuilt and we use brass hinge pins so the won't rust. We tried engineering the screen so that we didn't use any bolts but we had to use only one. All other joints are put together using pins. This makes it easy to assemble and the joints won't oxidize together over time.

We wanted our fire pit screens to accentuate your fire pit with functional beauty but above all we wanted to make sure you are getting a well crafted product for your money.

What size fire pit screen do you need?

What I have seen that works and looks good is take the inside diameter and add 2" to each side. The fire pit screen will sit on the flat ledge and you are going to want it to sit in at least two inches on each side. Example: If you have a fire pit that has an inside diameter of 36", add two inches to each side and this would make the fire pit screen 40". 36"+2"+2"=40". This is just a suggestion and it looks good. This is the method we used on the pictures shown here.

To see pictures of how we make our screens click here

Please Note We Do Not Warranty the Paint.

We suggest that when you order then screen ask for an extra can of special heat resisant paint $15 extra. This is a steel product that your putting into a fire. It will, not if, need touching up. It may also get a few scratches during shipping.

The screens will rust.

No matter what finish I use to coat the frame it will burn off and rust and will need touching up. If the rust is an issue for you then we have several options. One we can make a stand for the screen to sit on this frame goes in the fire pit so the screen doesn't touch to fire pit. It's freestanding in the fire pit. The other option is we make the screen using 100% stainless steel at an added cost of $400 more. Call if you have any questions. 817.613.0029

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