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Custom Ordering This is where you place custom orders
Custom product ordering
For custom orders, please enter the quoted price in the quantity box below. This does not include shipping
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Detailed Description

Please use this page for ordering custom made products such as safety screens.

Please Note That all Custom Made Products
do not include free shipping! This will be quoted seperately


If you have called Dancingfire and we discussed making a product for you this page is used to placed the order online in a very secure environment. 
This page makes for a secure, private online method of paying and giving us
shipping information and eliminating possibilties of errors.

  1. Just place the order as you were ordering an item. In the quanity box put in the amount I quoted you. An example would be say I quoted you $500 for a widget. In the quanity box put 500 and you will see the price chane from $1 to $500. In the boxes below that answer the questions. As you go thru the check out process you will be 
    given a memo box. In this box you can add any details you think we need to know to make sure we are clear on exactly what we are making or doing for you. If I have any questions I will call you.


Placing the order this way makes everything secure and eliminates possibilities of mistakes and we'll
have documentation as to exactly what you ordered and what size you ordered. Your credit card will not be charged until the product is complete, in a box ready to ship. And you will only be charged the agreed to amount that you were invoiced.
Email me at

If you have any question please call Jim @ 817-946-6463 or email me.

Thanks for the business.

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