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Dancing Fire Gas Fire Pit! Free Delivery
This gas firepit is a portable Gas Campfire or a built in firepit kit
Suggested Retail: $249.99
Price: $219.99

Detailed Description

The Dancing Fire Portable Fire Pit

"You can't camp without a campfire"Burn bans? No Problem!

This is an awesome product. It can be used in several different applications. This is a perfect portable gas fire pit for the RV'er. It's light weight, fully self-contained and it's easy to stow away. Another application is this can be the working "guts" of a self made Fire Pit for your back yard or patio. Just build a rock or brick surround around the the Dancing Fire gas pit. The other application is as a portable, fully contained, easy to use fireplace/ grill.If you ever wanted to make a fire pit with your choice of rock, brick, stone or whatever but you didn't know how to make the gas part this kit is it. Just surround the fully contained unit with what ever you would like to make a gas fire pit. Comes with grill top. Next, This unit is fully self-contained. Unscrew the lid and presto- its a campfire. Turn on the gas, light, and your cooking. When your done- turn off the gas, let cool and put the cover back on and your set to store it away. Dancing Fire is a safe and easy to use propane-fueled campfire for camping, the beach or patio. It's designed for pleasure and warmth. You can't camp without a fire, and Fire Dancer makes it so easy. No smoke, no sparks, no ash! The Fire Dancer will operate for 20 hours on a 20lb. bottle of propane. Easy to cover. The hose regulator and valve are all UL approved components. 10ft. hose assembly wraps around unit for easy storage and transport. The unit comes complete with a cooking grill, long-stem lighter. These are not option but they are included. No assembly required
gas fire pitIncludes long-stem lighter
Weather-proof lid
All steel construction
Easy to light and turn off
No clean up
Small and easy to carry
Only 14 pounds
Pit w/o stones 14" dia.

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