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Fire Pit Accessories

 Outdoor Fire Pit Accessories and Covers

Fire Pit Accessories
4' Poker, The Awesome Pit Stick, Clean up tools, Safety Tools, Marshmellow Sticks, etc

Our Custom Made Fire Pit Covers
We have a Sew Shop and We Custom Make Any Style Canvas Covers

Fire Pit Grates
We manufacture a multi-tasking firewood grated designed just for outdoor firepits.
It's an adustable up/down grate that lifts the fire up off the floor so you can see the fire.

Fire Pit Log Lighters
We custom make stainless steel hard piped log lighter. Any sizes
We have some unique FLAME THROWING LOG LIGHTER. Lot's of fun!

Snuffer Pans and Metal Fire Pit Covers
Metal covers to cover your pit when not being used.


Fire Pit Tools! Pokers, Marshmellow Sticks, CLean Out Tools
We manufacture in Texas lots of exclusive Fire Pit Tools. And we also have many safety tools and tools like ash pans and shovels to clean out your fire pit
Fire Pit snuffer pan
When you want to shut the fire down for the night shoot the fire with water and cover the fire pit with a snuffer pan. It makes a great fire pit cover as well when not using your fire pit
Fire pit firewood grates
Most outdoor fire pits are deep and to see the fire and to manage the fire elevate the fire with one of our Fire Pit Grates
fire pit torch
Are you looking for a fun easy way to light your fire pit or chiminea? Our selection of torches will light any fire.
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Fire Pit Star Poker
Suggested Retail: $99.00
Price: $34.99
Fire Pit Star Poker
This is the STAR Fire Pit stoker. The unique design on the head makes for a great fire pit tool.
solo fire pit safety screen and snuffer
Spark Arrester Screen fits Solo Stove Bonfire
Suggested Retail: $175.00
Price: $129.00
Spark Arrester Screen fits Solo Stove Bonfire
ON SALE ON SALE Solo Stove Stainless Steel Fire Pit. We manufacture a very needed spark arrester screen for the SOLO Stove "Bonfire" fire pit. ON SALE $129 Delivered
free shipping
pk, pk 360, griddle
Griddles Stainless Steel
Suggested Retail: $99.00
Price: $75.00
Griddles Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel griddle made to fit the PK 360
free shipping
solo fire pit safety screen and snuffer
Stainless Steel Solo Fire Pit Snuffer Pan
Suggested Retail: $195.00
Price: $175.00
Stainless Steel Solo Fire Pit Snuffer Pan
ON SALE Solo Stove Stainless Steel Snuffer Pan. If you ever had an issue putting the fire out in your Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit? Here's some help. It's a snuffer an.

If there is something you want but don't see it here please call 817.946.6463

Fat wood fire starter

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