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DYI Gas Fire Feature Components Made Easy


My name is Jim Jarvis and I design Dancing Fire's gas fire pits and fire features. My cell is 817.946.6463.

We manufacture fire pits and fire features and distibute through out the USA. We take your specs and we build the gas guts to fit your application. We've been doing this for sometime. But we also install and service gas Fire Pits in the Fort Worth / Dallas areas. This is how we started our own manufacturing. Out of the box stuff you see on every web site didn't suit My idea of a good installation. These fire features may need servicing and the out of the box components made service work a pain and expensive.

So we made "The Expando Pan". It's a two piece and it has a stainless steel mesh skirt on the outside of the pan. Put pan through the top coping and rest on three stacks of bricks about 6" below the coping. Spread the skirt out to fill in the gap between the pan and the brick wall. Now you have a flat surface from inside wall inside wall. You cover this with lava rock when completed. Now the lava rock won't fall threw the gap. I like brick vs what youtube videos say using a screw on collar. In my opion it won't hold the weight. You should be able to stand on the pan.
match lit fire pit kit expando pan

My number again is 817.946.6463 my name is Jim. Feel free to use me.

AS of March 9, 2017 this page is being BIG TIME Updated

Match Lit Gas Fire Pit Kits
THis is a complete match lit gas fire pit drop in kit. Including pan and burner
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