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Chimineas and Outdoor

Fireplaces are meant to be enjoyed!

Starting a fire sometimes can be a laborious task.
We make starting your Chiminea or Outdoor Fireplace EASY!
With many years of experience I have tried just about everything on the market.
We attend trade shows and see just about everything that's available on the market. During our investigations, trials, errors and a lot of fun we have come to a conclusion.
I like to useFat Wood!

Fat wood! Fire Starter!
Fat Wood is a 100% natural fire starter. Easy to use, cheap and low maintenance.
Fat wood you can leave outside, in the elements i.e. rain, snow, heated sun,
you name it and it sustains the torture of the elements and still lights.
Leave it outside with your chiminea firewood and don't worry about it, it'll always light.
This is
what I like the most about it, low maintenance!

How to Use Fat wood!
No problem. Two sticks will usually be enough to start a fire in your chiminea.
Make sure you have followed the instructions that came with your Chiminea and make sure your chiminea's filled with
chiminea rock. If your chiminea is ready to use light a piece of Fat wood and let it burn for a minute or two just to make sure
the fat wood is good and lit. Carefully stick the unlit end of the fat wood stick into the rock in the bottom of the chiminea.
Kinda tilt the stick at an angle. Next put one more lit stick next each other. Put several pieces of Firewood on both sides of the lit fat wood.
Then care
fully put a smaller piece of split wood on top of the fire. This should be enough to get the fire off to a good start.

Watch the fire and you may have to add a piece of fat wood to keep the fire going and to get the firewood lit. In my experiences two pieces usually work but sometimes when the firewood is a little wet I have to add a couple of pieces to get it going good.

Remember Be careful!

Fat wood is also cheap!
We prepackage fat wood in 4 pound boxes. Delivered to your house is 13 bucks.

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