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Match Lit Expando Gas Fire Pit Kit
The Match Lit gas Fire Pit Kit using a self fitting pan for every installation. Saving time and money on the installation.
Price: $350.00


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Detailed Description

The match lit kit comes complete with every option you should need to complete a gas fire pit. All the gas componetents. We offer this kit with options. 
We use nothing but stainless steel on our burners. We offer our EXPANDO PAN in either regular carbon steel or a Stainless steel upgrade. To learn more about the expando gas fire pit pan use this link. The kit comes in five sizes so choose the size to fit your fire pit. Choose the type of gas you are burning. Then choose if you want a "NO WHISTLE" gas supply line (Go back to the category description for an explanation). Choose a gas valve if you need the correct size valve for the job. If you have any questions please calll Jim @ 817.946.6463
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