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Outdoor Expressions
Outdoor Expressions
This is one of the best outdoor fire pit log sets have I have seen. Made to be outdoors and made to look as realistic as possible.
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The Outdoor Expression

This is one cool gas fire pit kit. Simple and easy to use.
It's what I use when we built custom match lit kits. It's inexpensive, thee fire is great and it's simple to install.
The kit comes two ways. You can get just the gas parts of the kit with or without the logs. Same kit but no logs.
This log set is design and crafted to be used outdoors.

All you do is build the surround and install this kit and your done. The kit consist of a 221/2" burner tray with a 11" burner. The out put is app. 65,000 btu's. Pictured above under "view more images" are pictures of a fire pit we built here in my warehouse using the Outdoor Expression. When your looking at images you will see the Outdoor Expression kit sitting in a stainless steel pan with SS screen material on the bottom. This is not part of the kit but is available. We use this additional pan so we can adapt the outdoor expressions to custom size vessels. So if your wanting this kit to fit something larger we can make a pan to fit anything. Please call 817.613.0029 for a quote or if you have any questions.

This kit comes with :
Stainless Steel Burner Plate
lava rock
flex tube
and connection hose (10ft hose w/ shut off valve and regulator)

The unit is shipped for LP gas but comes with a natural gas orfice for field conversion.

Shipping is not included in the price. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

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