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We deliver Pinon and Alligator Juniper firewood any where in the con USA. Pinon Firewood is our specialty and we provide prompt professional service.
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CALL 817.946.6200

* If your ordering online the prices here are our discounted "CASH" prices.

If your are paying with a CREDIT CARD there is a 4% cc fee. Sorry. 

We have two methods of delivery. First, if you want the Pinon delivered in the Fort Worth - Dallas area we use our delivery trks.
Second, Any where outside the DFW area we palletize the Pinon and ship via LTL freight carriers.
CAll for shipping rates. 817-946-6200


Pinon is extremely hard to find these days and then factor in the the bad shape the trucking industry is in making it even thougher to get Pinon into the dfw area. My suggestion is order early and order what you think will last you the entire season. We have been delivering Pinon in the DFW area since 1997 and this may be the first year we may run out. Updated 11.5.2023

Burning Pinon Firewood is very different then Burning oak. Most people associate pinon as an aromatic firewood and it is a very aromatic burning wood but in my opinon what makes burning Pinon firewood so wonderful is the way it burns. Of course you get the wonderful aroma but pinon burns totally unlike other hardwoods. You don't have to stoke the fire like oak, the flames just dance around (This is how we came up with our company name "Dancing Fire inc."). The quality of the fire is way beyond burning oak and in my opinion a bigger reason the just the aroma. The aroma is just a small reason compared to the quality of the fire. There is no comparing and OAK fire vs. a Pinon Fire. The pinion firewood is worth every extra penny above the cost of OAK. Hands down.

What makes our firewood special isn't that it's just first quality fire wood but it's what we deliver and how we deliver it. Again pinon doesn't burn like hard woods. With Oak you'd sell 100% split smaller diameter logs otherwise it won't flame and the wood just smolders. Pinon doesn't burn that way. You don't want 100% split wood. You don't want small diameter logs because it will burn like paper. 

What we deliver is a combination of logs. Some logs are a little larger and we call these all day logs. Remember pinon flames and large logs flame and burn all day long with just an occasional stoke but the wood burns for a long time. We also deliver some logs not split. These are smaller diameter logs but unsplit and these are great for more aroma. They burner longer because they aren't split but it still burns but there is more aroma because there is more bark. We also deliever smaller longs that make great kindling and if you have a chiminea this works wonderfully in chimineas and firepits. And a lot cheaper then bagged wood. 

So the pinon we deliver is a thought out process so you get the most bang for your buck. It's all about having a great quality of fire. Granted our pinon stacked up isn't the prettiest as stacked oak and this is because all of the logs aren't uniform but this is intentional. 

We carry Pinon Wood  for your indoor fireplace or outdoor fireplace.

We sell what's called a face cord and we also sell a true 128 cubic foot cord. The length of the log times the measurements below. We do have 22" longs but not recommended as this is a large heavy log. You may find some out there but the 22" logs I have seen are split small and burn like paper. 

Delivering a true cord adds 20% $$. The prices below represents "Face Cord" measurements.
Our most popular log is 18" to 20" in length. Perfect fit for the fireplace and easiest to handle.

1/4 face cord stack is 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide call
1/2 face cord stack is 4 feet tall by 8 feet long  call
A full cord stack is 4 feet tall by 16' long
A true 128 cubic cord adds 30% to the price of 18" to 20" logs

We also sell the Pinion bags. One of the first dealers in the DFW area to bag Pinion.

Call, text or email for pricing. 817.946.6200

Do you need a firewood storage rack?

We sell one that's awesome. We call it the FSS!
The Firewood Storage System.
There's a link below that will show you the product.
Ifnot the price. If you buy wood from us we'll make you a deal on the rack.
1/4 cord rack $180
1/2 cord rack $260
Lifetime Guarantee!

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