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The Aspyn
This is a Handcrafted Copper Fire Pit Table. Custom made. Burns any type gas.
Suggested Retail: $6,000.00
Price: $3,999.00


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Handcrafted, Custom Made Copper Fire Pit Tables

This is a Handcrafted Copper Fire Pit Table We at Dancing Fire can make just about anything into a fire pit. The "ASPYN" Fire pit table started out as a handcrafted copper coffee table. These are gorgeous pieces and the pictures here do not justice. These pictures here are just so I can get this on the site. When the weather changes I'll get professional images and update the site.

This table was molded (born) in Turkey by some of the worlds best copper smith's. There is a complete line of different tables and styles but this line is called "THE ASPYN". The work here is amazing. These particular tables are in an Annealed patina finish. This table comes in a 36" wide model and the 48" as shown here. We also have it in a bistro style table. And it's 32" diameter and 30" tall. Call for pricing and availably.

The ASPYN series of table and fire pits, like I said were crafted in turkey and imported to the USA. We buy these tables and we convert them to gas fire pits. So all the gas guts and workings were designed and assembled in TEXAS. What we do next is client specific. Meaning we can do the gas any which way the client needs for their application. I can set this up to work with a portable bar be que tank or we can hard pipe for permanent installation. We can do LP or Natural Gas. We make this a simple match lit kit. Turn on gas and light using a lighter. Or we can make it run on a thermo-coupler or we can make it work with remote control, blue tooth using smart phone. Endless options.

I have listed pictures of how we converted the table to a gas fire pit. We have a fully stocked metal manufacturing faculty Texas so conversion are routine for us. We cut out the opening for the burner pan and we, by hand reshape the copper into a bowl. Then we flip the table over and weld in support structures to support the additional weight from the burner and lava rock and/or glass beads. Or idea of support is like on all of our fire pits we manufacture. We want you to be able to stand the fire pit pan with no issues with support. Then we install gas works, pan and burner. Then it's ready to cover the burner with lava rock as pictured here. Now the client has more options. Leave the lava rock as is or cover the lava with crushed glass. I think the crushed glass would look really classy. We have some ordered and when we get some I'll add the glass and update pictures.

My Name Is Jim Jarvis. I design and build these tables. Feel free to call with any questions 817.946.6463

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