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What is Fatwood? It's Fire Starter!

Fatwood is a 100 percent natural firestarter. Fatwood fire starter is wood that thru a natural process becomes saturated with pitch! Pitch is a flammable product thats absorbed into the fatwood making it easy to light!

The fatwood firestarter sticks are about a 1/2 in diameter and about 8" long. You get about 12 to 16 pieces per pound. We sell fatwood fire starter in pre-packaged 31/2 pound boxes.


Q. What is Fatwood?
A. Fatwood is a pine wood, approximately 8"e; in length (approximately 3/4"e; in diameter), which is hand-split from the stumps of pine trees that contain a high concentration of natural resin. This organic, 100% natural resin allows the Fatwood to be started with a single match and gives a sustained flame. Fatwood is used to start fireplaces, pellet fuel stoves, barbecues, wood/coal stoves and campfires.

Q. Is our Fatwood from a rainforest and live trees?
A. We cut our Fatwood from non-rainforest areas and do not cut live trees.We only cut wood from non-endangered pine species. We get our Fatwood from forests which maintain sustainable yield forestry practices. The trees are harvested for lumber, and our Fatwood is a by-product of this process.

Q. What do the words Fatwood and Fatlighter mean?
A. Fatwood and Fatlighter are slang expressions which have been used in the South for many, many years to describe the amount of pitch (resin) in the pine wood. Fatwood/Fatlighter is the wood that is cut from the base of the pine tree, which has captured the resin from the trunk of the tree. Stumps that are left in the forest are cut by hand with a saw and ax to produce Fatwood.

Q. Do Fatwood sticks have any additive or chemical applied to the stick to make it light?
A. No. It is 100% natural, with no chemicals or additives of any kind applied to the product.

Q. How does the Fatwood compare to other firestarters?
A. Fatwood is probably one of the very few, if not the only, 100% natural made firestarter. Compare all the benefits of this product to liquid flammable firestarters, wax parafins, flammable pressboard pieces, kerosene soaked products and the inherent dangers they have.

Q. What is the difference between kindling and Fatwood?
A. All Fatwood is kindling, but not all kindling is Fatwood. Normally, hardwoods (such as oak, hickory, etc.) rejected during the manufacturing process are sold as kindling. Hardwood kindling does not start as quickly or have a fire as intense as Fatwood, and it requires newspaper or another additive to get started. While it appears that the customer is getting more for the money with higher-volume kindling bags, several pieces are needed to start each fire. Fatwood provides a lower cost with just two sticks needed per fire.


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