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Yukon Chiminea Replacement Ash Pan
This is a replacement ash tray for the yukon chiminea that's sold at Lowes and other outlets. This also fits many other chimineas as well. Shipping is $14.00
Price: $59.99

Detailed Description

Yukon Chiminea and The Hampton Bay Replacement Ash Tray

This is a replacement ash tray for many different chimineas but more so for the "Yukon Chiminea" that's sold at Lowes and other outlets and the Home Depot brand Hampton Bay chiminea.

What you see in the image above is the original ash pan on the left and our replacement version on the right. These are hand made in the USA, Texas by americans. These are american made replacement parts for a Chinese made product. Notice on our version there is no handle. They added cost of putting on a handle it would break the price of reason so to keep cost down we eliminated the handle. It works just as well without it. Nothing is lost. The ash pan is designed NOT to be emptied when the chiminea is hot and/or has hot coals in it. Let it get cool before empting the ash pan.

Measures 9 1/2" x 11 1/2".

Click on "View images" Under the image above and the first picture is the actual pan that came with the chiminea. The second is our replacement pan.
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