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The Tiger Tank Fire Pit
This is in my Opinion The Best Fire Pit on the market.Very safe and easy to use This is a New Tiger Fire Pit by Dancing Fire inc. Made in America by US of A citizens
Suggested Retail: $2,499.00
Price: $1,399.00


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Detailed Description

The Tiger Tank Fire Pit

The Tiger Fire Pit is one heavy duty fire pit. And It's Made in Weatherford, Texas by American citizens.

My name is Jim Jarvis and I own Dancing Fire Inc. along with my wife Julie.
We attend all the trade show and such and we pay attention to the "Other Guys" products and
THE TIGER FIRE PIT is in my opinion the best designed and manufactured tank fire pit we've seen.

It's built like a TANK. Should last multiple life times.

We've got safety taken care of- We've incorporated a Heavy-Duty
American made Stainless Steel spark safety screen that we manufacture.

It's very practical in the design.
Scroll through the "View more images" link under the pic above.
You will notice the screen, and as you scroll through you will see a built in firewood grate and a grill that's 75% full coverage.
What this is is just that a Grill you can cook on if YOU CHOOSE to use the pit as a grill. And it makes a wonderful firewood grate.

This is a fire pit first but it doubles as a very well designed grill.
This is not a Grill that works as a fire pit. Big difference.

Most fire pits that enable you to grill on them have all these apparatuses hanging all over the pit
and they swing out here and there and they don't go away, they are part of the fire pit. They get greasy and dirty.
But what if all you want to do is sit around the pit and have a drink and chill?
You still have all these greasy things swung out here or hanging there.
Not quite the show piece at the party anymore with grease and such all over it.
Once it's greasy and dirty it will probably stay that way.

If you don't desire to grill on your fire pit this is fine as the grill is optional. But you can if you ever want to without a large investment.

The grill rotates effortlessly to move around the food for cooking different foods at the same time.
The grill is made of 3/4" solid heat treated rods with 1/2" expanded metal on top of that.

The Tiger comes in different sizes and numerous options. The sizes are 48", 42", 36< and 28".
The height can vary but most are 18" tall.

The Tiger can come to you as a plain bowl with legs are fully loaded as shown. We start with a basic pit with legs. Then you have the "Boot strap" that goes around the opening that extends out about 6" so a 48" fire pit with boot strap is actually 60" in diameter. This is convenient as the shelf gives you a place to sit a beverage or something. Then you have the choice of a built in grill and firewood grate or we sell a firewood grate that's a one size fits all grate and it's a free standing firewood grate. It's pictured below top left image.

Until I get the web site fixed it's best to call and let's talk about it. Jim 817.946.6463

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